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Why SurveyWizard?


SurveyWizard endeavors to provide an intuitive, powerful, and cost effective survey tool 


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SurveyWizard's free edition includes many powerful features   other competitors provide with an additional charge.  Pro edition gets you a branded survey with a complete suite of features.



See examples of vibrant and professional web surveys created on SurveyWizard 

Health Care


Access and improve your health care organization by obtaining valuable feedback from both patients and employees 


Improve the success of your enterprise by gathering key insights from its most important asset - its employees


Get actionable feedback from your customers.  The best companies in the world focus on creating the best customer experiences 



Conduct online research and/or gain valuable feedback from parents, faculty, and students in order to improve the overall educational experience   



A poll generally asks a simple question, while surveys ask a wider range of questions and can provide immediate feedback to enhance audience interaction   

Non Profit


 Solicit critical information on donors, volunteers, employees, and the customers in order to drive the continued success of your non-profit organization

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