Basic Features
SurveyWizard Builder - the simple and easy online survey design tool
  • Design surveys using an easy to use and intuitive online tool
  • Choose from common question types
    • Multiple Choice - radio buttons
    • Multiple Choice - drop down list
    • Multiple Choice - checkboxes
    • Checkbox grid
    • Radio button grid
    • Rating
    • Ranking
    • Textbox
    • Textbox list
    • Textarea
  • Control the pagination of your survey
  • Survey validation tools - control the answers you get back
    • Dates, numbers, & more
  • Control the layout of your survey
  • Columns, order of questions, width, and more
SurveyWizard Builder
SurveyWizard Share - get your survey in front of people
  • Email Campaigns
  • Post on websites
  • Use Your Social Network
SurveyWizard Reporting – view the data as it comes back in real time
  • Graph responses
  • Filter the data
  • Download responses to your computer
  • Create advanced reports
Sample Report

Basic Reporting

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